Local business taking lead In window, screen design

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Enerlux employees Hector Curiel, left, and Niurka Gonzalez finish assembly of a window at the company’s plant in Crete.

by John Acree
Managing Editor

Note to businesses everywhere – when you are looking for a good place to set up shop, Crete, Nebraska may be just the place for you.

At least that is the message of Mark Houlton, the owner of Enerlux, the new window and door manufacturer that is operating out of the building that once housed Douglas Manufacturing.

“We were looking for a facility that matched our needs,” Houlton explained, “and we found the perfect building. And the work force here is fantastic. The quality of workers here is exactly what we were looking for. They are reliable, engaged, and we had plenty of applicants.”

Enerlux Owner Mark Houlton and plant manager Thad Sears stand before some of their windows.

Enerlux began operations in December of 2016 and is currently focused on custom-made windows and doors. Houlton is justifiably excited about his products.

“When we were doing our due diligence,” he said, “I got really excited about the window design. We are one of six companies in North America who owns our own designs. The window itself has some unique designs.”

Traditional windows are made from vinyl or wood, or other composite materials. Enerlux window and door frames are completely made of fiberglass.

“Fiberglass is the newest material windows are made of,” Houlton said. “There is no movement with temperature changes. Fiberglass does not expand or contract.”

In addition, no screws are used in the construction of the frames. Instead of screws, Enerlux partnered with Behr Chemical to create a compound that is injected into the corner of the frames where the screws would ordinarily go. The compound completely solidifies in just over one minute, and the window frame becomes completely immovable.

Enerlux also produces fiberglass-framed sliding glass doors, and may well be the lone manufacturer that uses only fiberglass in the construction of its frames and sashes. But Enerlux is more than just windows and sliding doors.

“We are the only company in North America with flex screens,” Houlton said. “We make removable screens with no visible frames.”

The flexible screens fit into a slot in the windows, so the frame itself disappears into the window and all that remains visible is the screen. To remove the screen, you simply push in the middle of the screen, squeeze the frame together and remove the screen.

The company currently consists of 11 employees, along with plant manager Thad Sears, a graduate of Crete High School. Most of the work is performed manually, but the plant is slowly becoming automated in an effort to meet an ever-growing demand.

And the Douglas Manufacturing site has proven to be the ideal location to help meet that growing demand.

“It’s a really good fit,” Houlton said. “We use his paint booth just like he used it. And the set up for shipping and receiving is really good.”

Enerlux sells windows from Colorado to Chicago, and from Minneapolis to Kansas City. It also has customers as far away as North Carolina and Washington, D.C.

“The northern climates are where fiberglass really performs well,” Houlton explained, pointing to the colder termperatures. “And, from an energy standpoint, fiberglass is a better insulator.

“Fiberglass is the fastest-growing segment of the window industry. There is a growing future for the material itself.”

There would appear to be a growing future for Enerlux, as well – and for the City of Crete. This article continues in The Crete News E-Edition



Three to make ready

Crete girls pick up three wins as postseason approaches

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Jumpers lift Doane at Beile Classic

Photo: The Crete News - Click photo to enlarge

by Andy McCallister
Sports Editor

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Isis Theatre presents "12 Strong"

Beginning Friday, February 2nd through Thursday, February 8th, come enjoy this exciting film and some of the best hot buttered popcorn in Nebraska!

Showtimes every week night at 7:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. Sundays. For more information about the Isis Theatre, click here.

Williams brings championship dedigree to Doane track & field team

by John Acree
Managing Editor

Taleah Williams is only 20 years old, and, like most 20-year-olds, she does not know what the future holds. One thing she does know – she does not want to stop competing any time soon.

Williams, a junior who majors in exercise science, transferred to Doane University from the University of Nebraska-Omaha and is a prominent member of the Tigers’ track and field team. It is a passion that will continue even after she finishes her studies at Doane.

“After I graduate,” she said, “I’ll probably just go somewhere and train some more. And then I’ll back to grad school. Hopefully, by then I’ll know what I want to do with my life.”

Just for the record, Williams is not your typical 20-year-old. She is also a world champion.

Williams, who was born with a left arm that ends at the elbow, won a gold medal in the long jump at the 2017 World Para Athletics Championships in London. This article continues in The Crete News E-Edition

Blessen embraces new opportunity to impact futures of area students

by John Acree
Managing Editor

Crete's own Rick Blessen is the first Director of Advancement at Southeast Community College.

"I am involved in securing resources, private funding, scholarships, facilities, alumni relations and relationship building for the institute," he explained.

Blessen is the former Director of Development at Doane Universithy, a position he held for nearly 12 years before being let go in July of this past year.

"There was a change in leadership in the office, " Blessing said, "and they wanted to build their own team." This article continues in The Crete News E-Edition

Senior Citizens United

Photo John Acree/The Crete News - Click to Enlarge

The Wilber Senior Citizens hold a speaker meeting and get together every month at the Wilber Care Center. The event is sponsored monthly by one of the three churches in town, United Methodist, Lutheran and Catholic. THis month’s event was sponsored by the United Methodist Church and featured guest speaker John Acree, Managing Editor of The Crete News. Next month’s event will be sponsored by the Lutheran Church. This article continues in The Crete News E-Edition

Census figures good news for NE But Crete is struggling to keep up

by John Acree
Managing Editor

There is plenty of good news for Nebraska families, according to the latest statistics available from the United States Census Bureau and the Department of Numbers.

Nebraska families boast an average income of $71,039, which represented a new inflation- adjusted high for 2015 and which was $2,779 higher than the national average. Here in Crete, the average family income was $50,020, while Saline County residents averaged $58,040. This article continues in The Crete News E-Edition


Shelly René Vollmar, 55, passed away peacefully after a courageous battle with cancer on February 1, 2018, in Katy, Texas.

Born March 13, 1962, Shelly was a graduate of Crete High School and a registered nurse. She is survived by her daughters: Ashley and Sarah, her mom, Jan, siblings: Soni, Sheri, Matt, Brad, Stacy and Stephanie, and their families. She is preceded in death by her dad, Glen Vollmar, sister-in-law, Dr. Karen Vollmar, and brother-in-law, Dr. Abdullah Nassief. This article continues in Obituaries




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